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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  June 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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accuweather forecast and the 4th of july is just around the corner. >> reporter: i can't believe that. actually the days are getting
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shorter now, from this point on, too. debby downer there, right? there's the view of the camden waterfront, the battleship new jersey this morning, it's nice and quiet out there, it should be a fantastic weekend. we have low humidity levels. wednesday was awful, dewpoints in time mid 70s, felt gross out there. now it feels great as the cold front slipped through and pushed all that out to sea. if you're baking -- waking up in seaside heights we have waves a2 to # feet. inland number at the atlantic city airport, 57. we're ten degrees milder on the boardwalk. thanks to the ocean temperature. ocean temperature, 70 degrees, wildwood, 67. cape may, 66. waves will build to 2 to 3 feet later this afternoon. look at the ocean temperature off the coast of cape may.
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in the mid 60s in atlantic city and mid 70s in wildwood and cape may. much, much milder. satellite and radar showing a few high, thin clouds across the condition. to the north we're seeing mostly sunny skies, lots of sunshine from start to finish out there. maybe a few pesky, puffy consume allows clouds this morning, and 2:00 p.m., 84. and 4:00 p.m. 85 that's the high. >> a woman were -- a woman and a child were killed by a fast-moving fire. it unfolded after midnight. within minutes flames swept from the second floor of the home to the third floor. a 69-year-old woman and young boy were found dead in a third floor bedroom.
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>> preliminary investigation smoke alarms were present. there were approximately 7 people home when the fire starting pointed. the smoke alarms alerted them. >> commissioner sawyer said the third floor bedroom was not shut that allowed the fire to get inside the bedroom. the commissioner urges every to sleep with doors shut. the family did not have a home escape plan. police say road rage over blocked traffic ended in murder, police say the green minivan is linked to the shooting in kensington. now the search is on for the three people inside the minivan. the victim was shot while standing in street at 2800 block of north 5th. he was arguing with his girlfriend. a driver got out of the car and shot the man. >> this shooting is motivated
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by road rage. our shooting victim was on foot blocking traffic while arguing with his girlfriend causing people to back up in traffic and not be able to drive around him. >> reporter: ment minivan was found abandoned on west indiana. they are analyzing surveillance video from the scene. police say a car crossed a center line of newport road and plowed into a wind star coming in the opposite direction. the driver in the wind star is in stable condition. wawa america sell vacation start today the event lead up to a big concert and fireworks on the parkway. while the hope is for everybody to have a great time, keeping everybody safe is big business. david henry takes a look at the
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big event. >> all the information comes in here. >> reporter: this is the nerve center technicianses were setting up the -- technicians were setting up the joint operation center. police and fire will be monitoring hundreds of cameras and relaying information to uniformed and under cover personnel in the field. >> we have ores part of the matter that i i can't talk about, but there are people out there constantly making sure that everybody can come down and feel safe and have a good time and but understand we have to do what we need to do to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: the boston marathon bombing has everybody on edge. there are no credible threats out there, but they have to be on watch for a lone wolf attack. >> we have to do spot reports. >> reporter: the city public officials gathered today for one last meeting before launching this massive undertaking that
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involves fire, police and medical units and electronic eyes and ears. >> we'll see whether we have a camera in eye shot and move a camera quickly and deploy personnel. >> reporter: they are getting help from cellular networks that set up five mobile towers that will boost capacity. they are asking the public for help. >> if you see something that does not seem right, call 911 and let us know. >> has all the details on this year's wawa welcome america festival. you'll find day by day lifting and performers for the live show of the largest free concert in america at people hoping to use marijuana for medical conditions scored a victory in harrisburg.
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pot will be grown and dispensed in pennsylvania. the state board of medical cannabis licensing will oversea it. the vote does not make it legal in pennsylvania, but it moves the vote closer to a vote in the full state senate. governor corbett opposes medical marijuana in the commonwealth. >> he -- she has been stripped of the crown, but amanda long acre will keep the scholarship and the awards. she did nothing wrong accurately reported her birthday on applications. the museum of art is one of the city's iconic buildings. some people are not happy about the look that will change the
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rocky steps. >> reporter: plans to open up the existing buildings and create new space. beneath the current sprawling east terrace an enormous underground gallery plan for modern works. >> there's earth and bedrock, it has to be excavated. >> reporter: skylights would top the space including one at the center of the fountain, a glazed dome that would bring light into the galleries. at the end of the underground space a large glass wood to look out at the parkway. but to do that is a portal smack dab in the middle of what many call the rocky steps. neil is you is you susman likes.
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others, there would be steps liking the portal but not for the full expanse. >> no, don't do that. >> reporter: you have steps on the side. not in the middle. >> i want to run up the middle. >> where rocky ran. >> reporter: the doctor not surprised by the cool reception. >> it is an interesting idea that has meter whether it will fly at the end of the day in philadelphia we'll see. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> not in the mood for coffee in offerings for starbucks for those who want a cool refreshing caffeine free drink. twisted metal and broken trees parts of the midwest is cleaning up after a tornado ripped through that area.
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>> reporter: pa that is right of the country will get hammered by severe weather today, for us in the delaware valley the humidity has dropped off at it is another gorgeous weekend. i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back. [ mom ] when the nest gets too quiet...
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>> the cleanup is just beginning in wisconsin after a tornado ripped through a town of colefax.g in wisconsin after a
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it knocked down trees and shattered windows. the sheriff office said there have been no reports of any injuries, very fortunate there. that's good news there. >> thankfully no severe weather here. >> reporter: today will be a day when you look you mean and you will see a ton of blue skies and a few clouds that's about it. today is a day to vegetable out on the sand. a light gentle sea breeze will kick in. inland it will top out in the mid 80s and on the beach in the upper 70s. 66 degrees presently in philadelphia. dewpoint finally down into the 50s. this was like the thorn in the side this past week. dewpoint wise it it was up in te 70s. 66 in philadelphia. millville, 67. trenton, 60.
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allentown, 63. the poconos 61. you can clearly see that the cold front has pushed through. the 24 hour temperature change rangeses anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees cooler than where we were from yesterday. the front has done its job and pushed through and knocked the numbers down and dropped the humidity levels way off. satellite and radar, just a few high, thin clouds pushing across the mason dixon line. you can see clear conditions out here. we're seeing high pressure from the new england and there's the sunshine. there's the good guy that will stay over top of us today. mostly sunny skies. the wind will shift from a south, southeast component this afternoon and that means pleasant weather for us. sunday, high pressure is in control. we have this warm front knocking donlt -- on the door that
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punches through monday, it will feel like this past week with the high dewpoint, new orleans-type of moisture in the atmosphere. it will be uncomfortable. enjoy today and tomorrow. the heat makes a big come back in the seven-day forecast. for the poconos, 81 degrees, sun and clouds, partly sunny skies, temperatures right around 80. a nice looking weekend for the mountains. the jersey shore the temperatures drop into the mid 60s. with the sea breeze developing it will cool the numbers down later this afternoon. for today, mostly sunny skies, a very high uv index, apply the sunscreen. up to 77. tomorrow, 79 degrees, more sunshine, high uv index, apply the sunscreen. 3:00 p.m., 83, 84 philadelphia. 78 in atlantic city, wildwood, 76 and then we run the clock through 6:00 p.m. down to 80 in philadelphia. only 73 in atlantic city.
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so it will feel much cooler the closer you are to the water, as the afternoon wears on. philadelphia we'll say 85 degrees, sunshine a few passing clouds, warm, but comfortable. mainly clear overnight tonight and nice, 50 for the outlying suburbs, 64 for center city. this weekend will be fantastic. monday, warm and sticky, 86. it will feel like 88, 89 with the humidity. tuesday, 90 degrees, the pattern sets up we get all the humidity from the gulf coast pouring into the mid atlantic and the northeast. tuesday, hot and humid, 90 degrees, wednesday, sticky afternoon showers and thunderstorms a good bet that 93 feels like the mid to upper 90s. thursday it stays warm cooler high of 88. look at this the 4th of july
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this is that summer holiday that feels stifling all the time. 84 degrees and no humidity. >> so much nicer than last year. i was dripping sweat the whole time. >> reporter: not that way this year. >> thank, chris. don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. the summer's orchestral series continued last night with a classical masterpiece. the philadelphia orchestra performed beethoven's symphony number 9. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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>> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking a live look into wilmington, delaware this morning, look at all the beautiful colors showing up on the screen. walmart has announced slashing prices for iphones. it will cost $99 from $149 with a two year contract. the 5c is down 49 dollars. the deal is only good for the stores not online. the price slash is fueling speculation that apple is preparing to release a few phone. walmart said it's aiming to offer customers great prices.
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a new survey finds fewer parents are willing to help their children pay for college. according to a new discover student loan survey, 1,000 adults 77% said they would help pay for college education that's down 4% from last year. 16% said they don't plan to contribute anything at all, most say they want to help, but financially are unable to do so. starbucks has offered caffeine free sodas. it's called fizzio which will be handmade in front of customers, they can customize the drink by choosing how much fizz they would like. prices begin much fizz they
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at there's something for everyone. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, time for the boat report. we'll start out with satellite and radar. we have high pressure in control this afternoon, right now it's sitting right here over thentrol poconos. later the winds will shift off the coast and the winds will shift out of the southeast. either way it's a sea breeze for the oceanfront and those along the delaware bay will benefit from a cool bay breeze. for the the delaware bay, waves generally less than one foot. smooth sailing. gandys beach and for the purpose of fortescue showing 70 degrees. wildwood, 65. wind are light out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. a little bit more of a shop
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waves 2 to 3 feet. tidal information high tide on the oceanfront 9:00 a.m., the delaware bay around 11:00 a.m. eva. >> thanks chris. turning to sports, the phillies and braves play a double header after opening their series last night. jeff skeverski has more on that, plus the flyers and sixers draft pick also. >> reporter: phillies and braves have a double header. carlos ruiz is on the disabled list with concussion symptoms after being hit in the head. what are the odds of this, first inning kyle kendrick gives up a 3-run homer. look where it lands into tom mccarthy's glove. what a catch.
6:26 am
phils down #-0. he won't catch this, nor will the phils. free man doubles the right, phils lose 42:00. the flyers they try to move up to the number one overall pick in the nhl draft, multiple times, they could not get a deal done with florida. with the 17th overall pick in the draft, the flyers take defenseman sanheim. his mom's stepmother is related to hexal. there's bobby clark drafted 45 years ago. the sixers pick up two first rounders who are not expected to play this season. when will this painful rebuilding process pay off. even gm sam henky said he
6:27 am
doesn't know. the kansas center is expected to sit for the entire season just like noelle did. sixers fans be patient, the tidal contender may take longer than 3 to 5 years. >> he is not taking any short cuts. >> how do we bring in more and more players that will help us to move forward with the goal that will be something that is championship caliber. >> to end up with them despite the fact neither of them will be on the court next year, there is a good thing. potentially a great thing for this program in the city. >> reporter: let's hope they are right, rome was
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>> all new overnight, two people are dead after a quick of a moving fire in a north philadelphia row home. health concerns an event cancellation sparks debate over pope francis' well-being. plus, turn off the ac and open the windows, mother nature is giving us a break from the summertime temperatures. chris sowers is clapping. >> reporter: i hate the humidity it was awful on wednesday. >> it was a little much. >> reporter: it was terrible, it feels so nice out there this morning, open the windows up get a load of this view we're down in penns landing, the dewpoints have dropped off it feels fantastic, temperatures started out in the 50s in a couple of locations. millville county poconos dropping into the mid 50s this morning. rebound now, it was kind of a cool start in some areas. 60 degrees in millville. trenton, 60.
6:31 am
allentown, 63. poconos 61 exhibits milder organ the water thanks to the milder ocean temperature. atlantic city and sea isle 70. wilmington, 61. the satellite and radar composite high pressure promises to bring another gorgeous weekend around the delaware valley. it's sitting over top of new england, winds out of the 0 of the northeast. this will shift out to sea and the winds will shift out of the south later this afternoon. it means nice weather for and you say and sea breeze for the jersey shore. a few puffy cumulus clouds tbriment. from time to time. 86 in reading, 84 for millville. trenton, 84. dover a very comfortable, 81. eva? >> thanks, chris. new this morning, philadelphia fire officials are looking for what sparked a fire and killed a woman and young boy. the fire started on the second floor of the home of the 1500
6:32 am
block of north 6th street in north philadelphia after midnight. firefighters say 7 people were inside at the time of the fire. there were working smoke detecters inside the home, but the flames raced up to the third floor trapping the woman and child. a neighborhood described the scene. >> i didn't know whether to run in there or stand back, by the time i got to the door i seen all the flames shooting out of the window. she helped clean up the block, she through a father's day cookout for all the fathers and the kids. they were a nice family. >> they have lived there for decades, the cause is under investigation. a nine-year-old was hit by a car, the car fled the scene. the boy's injuries are serious,
6:33 am
but he is expected to you are -- expected to survive. police are looking for the hit-and-run driver. road rage turns to murder. the action cam was along north 5th street in kensington. a 32-year-old man was in the street argue winning a woman. the argument prevented traffic from getting by, that's when a driver got out of van and shot the man twice at the scene. the van was recovered a block away, the gunman is at large. the chips are down for another atlantic city casino. the showboat made the expected announcement it will be closing its doors by the end of august. that will mean more than 2,000 employees will be out of work. "action news" new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the details. >> i have 64 degrees left to
6:34 am
work, and then i'm done, cocktail waitress gloria worked for 23 years. over 2,000 showboat employees will be out of a job. >> i'm devastated. >> it's a horrible day for showboat it's a horrible day for atlantic city, and my family. my work works here and we have a nine-year-old daughter. they are closing a profitable property. >> reporter: showboat reported a profit of $2 million. revenue in atlantic city has declined in $3 billion. >> what has to happen a few casinos close. i expect two more before we settle down. >> we were talking to the people last night, we were happy because it was revel and not us, and this morning we find out it's them. >> reporter: it's clear atlantic city is must transform to a
6:35 am
nongaming focus to resort. >> i don't think there's any casino in the city that think they can exist more than anything than a casino. >> reporter: there's a new bass pro shop that could bring a million people a year. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." in philadelphia, penn national gaming has announced it is withdrawing it's bid for the second casino license. they wanted to build a casino in south philadelphia near the sports complex. they said they are calling it quits because the city is supporting a casino being built in center city. he said the market potential in philadelphia has declined. pope francis will keep his
6:36 am
appointments tomorrow after canceling his mass yesterday. the vatican said there's no reason for the concern over his health. however this is the 8th time since november and the third time this month alone that the pontiff has cancelled or scaled back an event due to illness or fatigue. >> decision of pope francis to cancel in the last minute his visit has created a lot of confusion and questions. these things are happening too many times recently. >> now, francis has one full lung and suffers from a bad back that can make walking painful. vatican officials said he has been keeping a hectic pace since he became pope. the vatican has defrocked his minister for sexually
6:37 am
molesting boys. he is the first top paple envoy convicted of sexual abuse. a native of poland faces a criminal trial by a vatican city state tribunal. senate state republican leaders plan a state budget of $29 billion that contains no new taxes. the plan passed by the house on wednesday includes spends cuts to off set a $1.7 billion budget. discussions about alternative revenue sources are likely to continue into the weekend. monday night is the deadline for the state budget. there's and education milestone being celebrated in the city of camden, the largest class yet graduated from the leap academy charter school.
6:38 am
it's the 10th year in a row every student has graduated and gone on to college. sharrie williams has the remarkable success story. >> reporter: high school graduations are a familiar scene this time of year, but this group in camden has a story. these graduates are part of the leap academy university charter school and for the 10th consecutive year 100% have earned their high school diploma and 100% are heading to college. >> ten thousand dollars. >> reporter: including senior marco lopez who is heading to rutgers for engineering. >> i feel like i'm ready for college. >> reporter: it's a joyous occasion in camden one of the poorest most violent cities in the country. >> kids from camden they are the miracle in many ways. they are the children that nobody ever believed could do it. >> i think the teachers are
6:39 am
more dedicated they are more in tune with the students they care about our education and us personally. >> reporter: it's a proud night for parents, too. >> this has been an entire journey, so finally be here on this day is unreal and unbelievable. there is poverty in camden. >> they come from the same neighborhoods that everybody comes, it's shows we can break the cycle of poverty every time you graduate a child and send him to college. >> reporter: sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> there's still much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, a popular toy turned into a mega hit movie franchise returns to the big screen this weekend. we'll check out the 4th film in the transformer series. flooding woes continue to rise in the parts of the midwest as more rain moves in this weekend. chris sowers will have the
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exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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get order. get ortho®. >> residents of minnesota are racing against time to save their town. they are stacking sandbags to keep the lake water at bay which is at record level. water log towns, it receives a watershed for 40 square miles. the mighty mississippi is still
6:43 am
at major flood stage and ferocious after several days of heavy rain. normally quiet river, but when you get all that rain. >> reporter: that's probably the biggest weather story out there. we've shown fires out west there's a fire season, we've shown tornado damage, it's tornado season, but to get that kind of flooding this time of year, in april, when everything thous, and everything floods. you get it in june and july. >> and right into harvest season. >> reporter: right into harvest season. back home it's been gorgeous, we've had showers and thunderstorms over the last several weeks, most of it occurring during the workweek, but the weekend has been fantastic. today and tomorrow is going to be as picture perfect you've ever seen for the month of june. temperatures are up and down this week.
6:44 am
monday, 83, no humidity. tuesday, it was sticky and the muggies settled in. this 90 felt like 95 with the humidity. even thursday, the temperature dropped down a little bit, it was sticky out there. yesterday was gorgeous with lowering humidity levels. millville, 60 degrees, no humidity, philadelphia, 66, very pleasant. allentown a comfortable 63. trenton, 60. dewpoints have dropped into the 50s so when we scale it once again it is on the bottom of the scale. we'll stay on the comfortable side both today and tomorrow, unfortunately this thing starts creeping up there again, once we get into tuesday and wednesday. wednesday may be in the 70 to 75-degree range for our dewpoints that will feel pretty oppressive. here's satellite and degree of care, -- radar, the comfortable weather is sitting over new england. we're feeling the nice
6:45 am
comfortable change this morning. the ferocious storms continue to pound the heartland of the nation from winnipeg, the high plains into northern texas where they will see the severe weather from lubbock to wichita, omaha, places like minneapolis and saint louis. they will see rough stuff out there. that high is holding all that nasty weather at bay. that means a nice weekend for us, it will work its way out to sea and that allow all this mess to get in here, but that won't happen until later next week. sunday, sunshine, a few clouds building in the afternoon. sunday night into monday the warm front punches through. the stickies return late in the day on monday. tuesday it feels awful. wednesday it feels awful. wednesday we get the cold front sliding in here and that will trigger showers and thunderstorms. future tracker 6, later this
6:46 am
afternoon, combustion of sun and clouds, here's sunday, nothing going on. if you have outdoor plans looks like you picked a winner. forecast for the show, ocean temperatures cooled off a little be it's in the mid 60s. with the sea breeze kicking in, mostly sunny with a of 77. sunshine on sunday 79678 philadelphia, 85 degrees, sunshine along with a few puffy cumulus clouds very pleasant out there. day planner, 82. 3:00 p.m. there's the hey high of 85 degrees. uv iran decks is high, you'll have to apply the sunscreen. the fact there's no humidity, makes it feel good. 85 today, 86 tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures climbing again warm and humid monday, 86 degrees, it will feel closer to 90. speaking of 90. tuesday we're into it. 90 degrees feeling like the low 90s. wednesday humid, 93. feeling like the mid 90s,
6:47 am
thursday, warm, 88 degrees, the cold front slips through, look at the 4th of july, very comfortable high of 84. we'll take that. you couldn't ask for much better. >> new jersey and delaware beaches have received high marks for clean water in the yearly environment report card. the national resources defense council ranked delaware number one out of 30 states. new jersey came in third. beach illnesses cause pink eye and stomach .
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>> the ratest chapter in the series -- the latest chapter from the series spun from toys turning into machines, the transformers is back with a new comrade. >> reporter: the fight to save earth continues and life in the future is not what it seems and an unlikely pair fall if love. transformer 4 is the latest series that brings the autobots to life. >> a rare metal un, ma -- molecularly unstable.
6:51 am
>> reporter: prime and the autobots rise again they are swept up in a war of good and evil leading to a climb -- clue clue -- climatic battle across the world. eternal order the sacred engine we must occupy our preordained positions. >> reporter: the film is set in the near foocht where an experiment to stop globalset in warming has created an ice age and killed all life on artery. the snow piercer travels around
6:52 am
the world. a revolution leads to an explosion and find out that life exists outside the plane. >> so, tell me how did you meet? >> a corny kind of romantic comedy. >> reporter: polar and rudd when they meet. amazingly they still fall in love that is until they break things off about two-thirds of the way through and she begins to date her account ant, will he be able to win her back. go jump in the lake meat head. >> reporter: you can find out where these films are playing by downloading the free
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:55 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast there's a lot going on across the most of the country, this was yesterday evening. here's the high pressure system fortunately it is sitting over top of us. that means no weather for the mid atlantic and the northeast. the return flow will pump in all the moisture off the atlantic and the gulf and more smowrs and thunderstorms are -- showers and thunderstorms are expected across the high plains and kansas are expecting rough stuff. east. mississippi river you're okay. traveling farthest to the west you could run into the pop you are showers and thunderstorms. most of the major hubs this morning are quiet. picture perfect weather wise. philadelphia, 66 degrees.
6:56 am
logan, 61. chicago and midway and o'hare, 74, and charlotte, 71. atlanta, 72. newark 69 degrees. >> custom upholstry will show you how to create a stylish bench ciewrks for less than -- cushion for less than 50 bucks. old homes have a style and character that sets them apart. check out this easy dyi bench seat cushion idea. >> one thing we love about your house is all that drawing detail you have. that bench seat is so cool. what i have done i created a template out of the newspaper, the exact shape of the bench.
6:57 am
we'll shape it and cut it with a knife. this will make it a great place to sit down. it's just like -- next we're taking fabric we found in the bargain bin and sew it together. >> my mother will be very proud of me. >> makes a nice box for the cushion. i like that. >> isn't that pretty. >> reporter: doing this ourselves saved us a bunch of catch. this cost $45. a professional upholstry job would have been hundreds. got to love dyi. why not give this project a try. for more friendly budget ideas go to live well ideas slash knock it off. be sure to tune into knock it off sunday night at 7:00 p.m. on
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the live we'll network. next week, the designers show you how to rip up the carpet and get nice wood floors for much less. ymca of delaware are offerig free swim lessons. kids must have completed preschool or kindergarten to take part. classes begin july 14 at the wilmington ymca. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, how cancer treatment for our k-9 friends may help humans fight disease. a california firefighters who disappeared from a backpacking trip has been found dead in the wilderness. those
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7:00 am
>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, june 28. here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." a woman and a five-year-old child are dead after a fire ripped through a north philadelphia town home overnight. medical marijuana is one step closer to becoming legal in pennsylvania. plus, the security measures going into place as the wawa welcome america festivities get underway. first, though, let's head outside to chris sowers with a look ahead at the accuweather forecast. shaping up to be another winning weekend. >> reporter: it is, there will be 6 in a row. there's barely a cloud in the sky this morning and finally the humidity leaves have come down it felt awful over the last several days, we have dewpoints in the 50s, it may feel the same come 4th


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